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What is a Video Biography?

A Video Biography is the preservation of a person's life story, memoirs, or life values on DVD, or in "The Cloud".

If it were possible, wouldn't you LOVE to be able to watch a video of your parents, your grandparents, or even your great grandparents telling the stories of their lives? You would then give this video to your children, and grandchildren so they could learn about, and feel connected to their ancestors.

You can make this possibility happen, starting now, for your future generations by recording YOUR stories. Don't deprive them of knowing who you are.

Video captures the subjects in action, telling their life stories in their own voices, showing facial expressions and gestures. Future generations can see the people who are THEIR HISTORY. Video production can be simple or complex, depending on the client's desires. It may include music, sound effects, titles, opticals, interviews with other family members, or even old video clips.


Leaving your life story is a priceless legacy that your children and grandchildren will treasure forever.

Only you can let future generations know about the lives of your parents and grandparents, because you are the link in this chain of lives and the voice of the past.

Only you can accurately tell the story of your life and reflect upon the wisdom gained and lessons learned along the journey.

The stories you share draw an historical picture of what life was like for you and others of your generation.

The values you hold dear can live on in your descendants who will come to know you through the chapters of a well-produced video.

Looking back at your life can help you realize how much you've achieved and the important role you've played in the lives of others.

Stories you heard as a child from parents and grandparents can be passed along to future generations so they can come to know and honor their ancestors as more than just names and dates on family trees.

Information about the health of your family and genetic predispositions to diseases can also be conveyed.

Precious photos and memorabilia can also be placed into the video so that each child and grandchild has a copy of the photos along with caption information identifying the people, places and things depicted.

Let OUR VIDEO LEGACY Help You Tell Your Story and preserve it as an heirloom for future generations, and years to come!

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