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Loss Prevention Corner

"Loss Prevention Corner" is a compilation of hundreds of practical tips to help you reduce your chances of having a loss, or to minimize your damage if you do. The tips are divided into categories such as Fire, Water Damage, Burglary, Identity Theft, and many more!

Identity Fraud

Look out for emails from your bank, internet or credit card company urging you to update your private, personal customer information. This is usually a technique of “phishing,” the criminal practice of luring victims by surprisingly realistic web sites. Criminals trick their victims into disclosing their account numbers, passwords, social security numbers, or other sensitive information. The thieves then use the information to pilfer bank accounts or go on a spending spree with stolen credit card numbers.


The next time you order checks, have only your initials (instead of your first name) and last name put on them. If someone takes your checkbook they will not know if you sign your checks with just your initials or your first name, but your bank will know how you sign your checks.


If you must put a phone number on a check, use your work number instead of your home phone. If you have a PO Box, use that instead of your home address. If you do not have a PO Box, use your work address if possible.


Never have your Social Security number printed on your checks.


Place the contents of your wallet on a photocopy machine. Do both sides of each license, credit card, etc. That way you will know what you had in your wallet and all of the account numbers and phone numbers to call and cancel. Keep the photocopy in a safe place!


If you have experienced any form of identity fraud, file a police report immediately in the jurisdiction where it was stolen. This proves to credit providers you were diligent, and it's a first step toward an investigation.


If you have experienced identity fraud, call the three national credit reporting organizations, and the Social Security Administration immediately to place a fraud alert on your Social Security number. The numbers are:
  • Equifax: 1-800-525-6285; 1-800-997-2493
  • Experian (formerly TRW): 1-888-397-3742
  • Trans Union: 1-800-680-7289; 1-800-916-8800
  • Social Security Administration (fraud line): 1-800-269-0271


Review your bank and credit statements regularly and carefully to make sure all charges are accurate.


Report billing errors and lost or stolen credit cards to your credit card issuer immediately.


Keep a work, or friend's phone number on your key ring – never your home address or phone number.



During my 27 years as a Property and Casualty Insurance Agent in the Greater Boston area, I have been collecting, from many sources, lists of dos and don'ts related to various areas of Loss Prevention (also known as "Risk Management"). "Loss Prevention Corner' is a compilation of those Risk Management tips that we offer as POSSIBLE SUGGESTIONS. Each of these tips may or may not be appropriate at all times, since every situation is different. The tips are here for your consideration. You must decide which of them is right for you.

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