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Our Services include:

  • A Digital Videotaping starting with the outside of your home.   Inside your home, every room (including the garage and basement) is taped showing all of your contents with any pertinent comments you wish to add about special items.

  • Digital Photographs to supplement the video tape. These high quality images record in greater detail all your collectibles, antiques, jewelry, furs, furniture, cars, boats, etc.

  • A report of our suggestions and recommendations for your protection which are based on our discussions and observations at the time of the inventory process.

Our Video Legacy will present your completed documentation in an attractive portfolio. Your digital images will be recorded permanently on your choice of a DVD or Hard Drive.

We take pride in our work and value of our service. The peace of mind of being prepared in the event of a loss cannot be calculated.

Consider sharing that peace of mind with someone you care about and ask about our gift certificates.
Update Services:

We recommend updating your inventory periodically. Updates can be arranged for a nominal fee, thus assuring your inventory will always be current.

Additional copies of the package can be purchased, also for a nominal fee, for you, your lawyer, insurance agent, or family.
Our Video Legacy is Insured and Registered with the State of Massachusetts.

Call or e-mail us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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Loss Prevention Corner

Loss Prevention Corner is a compilation of hundreds of practical tips to help you reduce your chances of having a loss, or to minimize your damage if you do.

The tips are divided into categories such as Fire, Water Damage, Burglary, Identity Theft, and many more!

Weekly Tip: Consider shutting off your water at the main. A burst pipe can cause a lot of damage if undetected for days on end. However, you may not be able to shut off the water if your heating system is dependant on water. Check with your heating contractor.**

For more about the Loss Prevention Corner (LPC), click here!