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College Recruitment / Skills Videos


You've worked hard to be your best, but how will college coaches or department heads know that? Today it's much too difficult and expensive for them to see every applicant in person.

Skills Videos are a cost-effective way for college coaches and department heads to see what your transcripts don't show. Videos are already an important part of showcasing, to colleges and universities, high school students' abilities not only in Sports, but also in Music, Dance, Drama, and more.

Our Video Legacy creates professionally filmed and edited Skills Videos and uploads them to YouTube or Vimeo. We then provide you with the unlisted or private links that you can send to the college coaches or department heads of your choice.

Most college coaches prefer short, easy-to-navigate videos. The Skill Sets portions of our Sports videos average 5 to 8 minutes, and the sections are labeled for easy viewing. Game footage varies in length, and the athlete is highlighted for easy identification.

A recruiting video is your "resume". In addition to showcasing your skills, our videos include an introduction by you, as well as a listing of your athletic and academic achievements.

Let us help you get into the college of your dreams by creating a professional video designed to showcase your skills and talents.

Mike Norman, Owner
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